Paintings For A Cause

My Paintings for a Cause are original multi-media works of art done by me.

Currently I’m featuring Water is Life and will be adding my original cause, Save Oak Flat, to my portfolio.

My Paintings for a Cause images can be purchased on useful items through my artist account by clicking on this link, Lost Birds Portfolio.

Take a look around. There are all sorts of useful items offered with my art, ranging from: apparel, to home decor, wall art, and more. All profits will go to the cause featured in the title and I will post blog updates about those contributions!

Plus your items will help spread the word about the featured cause and will make a wonderful topic of conversation wherever it goes.

This useful artistry helps educate people on Native American issues.

I contribute to Native Groups and Native Individuals and will post more about how you can help as well, on my How You Can Help Blog Post. Having information in one location can be more helpful and less confusing than having to search all over the internet.

Please bear with me as it’s taking a long time to upload all my information to my site….