Who Was Lost Bird?

This story that I share with you delves into the reasons for the inhumane treatment of Native Americans, not only by our government and those controlled by and allied with our government, but also by the people of our country that are taught to hate those that are oppressed. We're getting a good taste of … Continue reading Who Was Lost Bird?


“Kill The Indian, Save The Man”

"Kill the Indian, Save The Man," is an anti-Indian, Federal Government slogan that was used to justify multiple atrocities to the indigenous people of America, the First People. In my essay, I discuss: what it means to be Indigenous to the U.S., what it means to be American in the U.S., define anti-Indianism and the … Continue reading “Kill The Indian, Save The Man”

About LostBirds.Org

LostBirds.org was created to help people understand, more fully, the plight and narrative of Native Americans in the United States. LostBirds.org also contains my own ancestral narrative that would've otherwise been erased. LostBirds.org is meant to help spread awareness of current Native American issues and ways to help.

Current Painting- ‘Apache Girl, Oak Flat’

A multimedia piece I painted in 2015 with heavy acrylic mediums, sand, opaque flakes, metal bells, turquoise, beads, bone, glitter, and mirrors. 'Apache Girl, Oak Flat' imaginatively conjoins both the physically feminine qualities, and spiritually masculine traits in the wings and wing decoration representing male dancers at a young girl's puberty rites ceremony. Her silhouette … Continue reading Current Painting- ‘Apache Girl, Oak Flat’