How You Can Help Standing Rock

I Stand With Standing Rock. Water Is Life.

The only way that Natives have been able to overcome is through public unity in the past for their cause, so please stand with them now! You can make a difference! The United States has built itself up by talking about ‘American Values’ and there is nothing more un-American than what the United States Government is doing in conjunction with large corporations to Native Americans right now.

The best way to help is to stay informed, spread the word, donate, show solidarity, to keep talking about it, because believe me, it can make all the difference in the world!

This goes beyond Water Is Life, but Water Is Life is where we’re starting for this worldwide collective consciousness that has risen for Native American rights.

If you have any information to add please list in comments and I will update….

Camps for Donations



  • Oceti Sakowin Camp

  • Wounded Knee Oglala Host Kitchen

    • “Currently there are 4 host kitchens in the main, biggest camp at the Standing Rock camps in North Dakota.   We have been a host kitchen feeding our area neighbors since August 2016.   We feed hundreds every day and plan to throughout the winter months.   We desperately need your help to cover expenses for fuel, food, and supplies to run our host camp.  We are currently building an enclosed kitchen to protect us from the strong winds and coming winter rains that turn to snow. Thank you because every little bit helps. Even $5 will help buy food or propane to cook with.”   If you would prefer to mail a check or donation you can mail it to: Wounded Knee Oglala Host Kitchen   P.O. Box 122  Solen, North Dakota  58570


Individuals for Donations

  • Vanessa Dundon (Sioux Z)  (Severely Injured Water Protector)

    • “Vanessa has been on the front lines fighting DAPL and working security for Oceti Sakowin since September 11. During the action on November 20 at the Backwater bridge, she was shot in the eye with a tear gas canister  6 feet away.  It was aimed directly at her face by a Morton County officer. She was seen at Bismark Sanford hospital and released because she had no insurance.  She has a detached retina and needs surgery to ensure her vision. She is now seeking medical attention in Fargo. Donations will be used for the cost of the 2 ER visits, surgery, medications, and recovery.”
    • “Hi everyone this is Cheree. Quick update on Vanessa…she had a Dr.s appointment today not receiving the best news. The Dr.s have told her that she has a 5% chance of seeing out of her right eye. Her eye was so damaged that they don’t think they can do anything at this point. When she is able we will do a video with more details. Please keep her in your prayers.”


  • Free Red Fawn

    • “Red Fawn has become a political prisoner of Standing Rock. We are demanding her immediate release.”

      Sign the petition and donate to her legal fund at

      “Our sister Luta WI RedFawn has been transferred to Jamestown, ND. Which is in Stutsman County…

      She was unaware that she was going to be moved…so everything she had is still in Morton County. She is basically back to square one…

      U can send her money via Stutsman County.

      Also there is an inmate message line U can call to leave her an encouraging message…let her know we are behind her 100%. That number is 7012512365

      Lastly the mailing address to receive letters is:
      Red Fawn Fallis
      205 6th St SE Suite 201
      Jamestown, ND 58401

      As always don’t forget to SHARE and DONATE to her legal fund.

      Wopila Tanka for all the continued support for our sister Red Fawn.”


    • This Community is in support of Red Fawn FallisLike and SHARE…

      You can support her by donating @


  • Sophia Wilanksy (Severely Injured Water Protector)

    • “HOW IS #SOPHIA WILANSKYSophia Wilansky is a water protector from New York. She left New York City several weeks ago to help with the struggle at Standing Rock. She been an active participate and family to the activist groups NYC Shut It Down and Hoods4Justice. Sophia has always been committed to confronting injustice through vigilance and resistance.
      Sophia was giving out bottles of water to protectors holding down the space when she was shot with a concussion grenade. This was the response of police and DAPL mercenaries as she and other brave protectors attempted to hold the line against the black snake in service of protecting our water. As of last night, we found out she was air lifted to County Medical Center in Minneapolis were she’s currently undergoing extensive, hours-long surgery from injuries sustained from the blast.
      Please consider donating to help pay for her treatment. We must to support our comrades when they need us the most. She needs all of us right now. After all she is our family.

      My name is Michael Basillas, I live in NYC. Sophia Wilansky is a fierce friend of mine. We’ve known each other for almost a year now from participation in various demonstrations focused in the city. Sophia and I share passion addressing social justice, vigilance, and resistance , and understanding this world is unsuitable and required drastic change. Sophia is family to many affinity activism groups from The Base, NYC Shut It Down, and HOODS4JUSTICE. I’m this money with the help of several other people to provide medical relief funds after what had happen on Nov 21, 2016.


      Funds raised in this campaign will go directly to provide financial aid towards 20 surgeries Sophia needs to save her arm. Funds also provide Sophia’s father some financial support to take care of his daughter. Their insurance will not cover all of the expenses and can only cover a certain percentage of it especially with this type of surgery. So we are asking to donate gracefully because this will help provide financial support toward Sophia’s long recovery.


      $20,000 will be used from GO FUND ME to be used as a financial cushion for both the father Mr Wayne Wilansky and Sophia for the next several days. The rest of the money will be delivered to Mr. Wilansky when he gets back one in NYC.”

      #StandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife

Groups for Donations and Group Campaigns

  • No Dakota Access Pipeline Global Solidarity Campaign

    • This site is dedicated to supporting the front line, indigenous led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.
    • Please feel free to share your #NoDAPL Solidarity event and action photos and updates here! Also, stay tuned for Campaign updates!


  • Standing Rock Medic And Healer Council

    • “Thanks for all the support.Please DO NOT send anymore packages at all until further notification.

      Instead, send funds to or to any of the other camps and initiatives at Standing Rock.

      Again, no more packages because we don’t have the capacity to receive them.

      We will put another call out as soon as we catch up on these supplies. Any donations you have collected can still be received in a week or two once we catch up!
      No need to cancel orders you’ve already placed (although that’s ok too), but just hold off on placing more orders until we let you all know.

      Thanks and we love you!”

      Volunteer Application:
      Make a donation:

      “We coordinate medical and healer supplies, human resources, and other types of medical/healing aid between the following groups:

      1. All the camps who Stand With Standing Rock (Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stone, Red Warrior, Sicangu, and others)
      2. Standing Rock Emergency Services
      3. Indian Health Services
      4. Standing Rock Tribal Council
      5. The greater allopathic & healer community

      This group is specifically to connect those of you wanting to offer support to those of us on the ground coordinating aid.

      Thank you for who you are and for being here!”

      Mni Wiconi, Water is Life

      -All Camp Medic & Healer Council


  • Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

    • Founded in 1873
    • Mission
    • Visit the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s website at
    • Tribal Government
      Dave Archambault, II, Chairman
      Jesse McLaughlin, Vice Chairman
      Adele White, Secretary
      Chad Harrison, At Large
      Mike Faith, At Large
      Paul Archambault, At Large
      Charles Walker, At Large
      Dana Yellow Fat, At Large
      Kory McLaughlin, At Large

      District Representative.

      Joe Dunn, Long Soldier
      Caroline Thompson, Rock Creek
      Joe White Mountain, Jr., Bear Soldier
      Robert Taken Alive, Little Eagle
      Samuel B. Harrison, Porcupine
      Frank White Bull, Kenel
      Cody Two Bears, Cannon Ball
      Duane Claymore, Wakpala

    • “The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe became a reservation on March 2, 1889.The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was defined by the Act of March 2, 1889 including all right-of-way, waterways, watercourses and streams running through any part of the reservation and to such others lands as may hereafter be added to the reservation under the law of the United States. The United States Government works in three levels: Federal, State and Tribal. The Tribal Government have a government-to-government relation with the United States. The Great Sioux Nation signed 1851 and 1868 treaties with the United States which are binding documents that retain our rights as a government.

      The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe operates under a constitution approved on April 24, 1959 by the Tribal Council of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The Tribal Council consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and fourteen additional Councilmen which are elected by the tribal members. The Tribal Council Chairman provides leadership and administrative direction to the tribe. The Tribal Council Chairman and Council serve a term of four years. Six of the fourteen additional Council members shall be residents of the Reservation without regard to residence in any district or state. Each of the remaining additional council members shall be a resident of the district from which his/she is elected. The At-large Council members are elected by the district people as whole.

      Regular Tribal Council meetings are the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the month. Committee meetings are held the second week of the month. The last Monday of the month is for gaming and other tribal business.”


  • One Spirit

    • Call (614) 940-5046
    • Post Office Box 3209
      Rapid City, South Dakota
    • “The ONE Spirit Mission is to assist the Lakota people in preserving and revitalizing the Lakota culture, language, and self-sufficiency while meeting the basic needs of Lakota families, children, and elders. We strive to cultivate an intercultural relationship that recognizes that we are all related and that American Indians are an equal and valued part of our society.
    • ONE Spirit is a federally recognized 501(c) nonprofit organization, EIN# 26-3592983, supporting the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge Reservation.”
    • “We believe that:* on planet Earth, we are all related.

      * we can help break the cycle of poverty by strengthening families, promoting economic development and educational opportunities, and providing programs that bring hope to young Native Americans.

      * programs that strengthen families and assist them in the protection of their children from the harsh effects of hunger and cold can change what has become a legacy of poverty and addiction.

      * it is vitally important to support the elders in continuing their traditional roles of providing expertly crafted traditional clothing, quilting and beadwork that is a symbol of the tribe and teaching the skills for these crafts to younger generations.

      * valuing their culture, their language, and their arts is a viable way for the Lakota people to be recognized, as a people, as a nation, as a culture. This recognition will give them a stronger voice to defend their struggles, value their own identity, and make changes from within that promotes self-sufficiency and leadership.

      * our programs will help cultivate an intercultural relationship that recognizes that we are all ONE.”


  • Digital Smoke Signals

    • “If you would like to help me do what I am already doing on the front lines filming evidence, then this is how you can help. Contribute & Share”
    • “Myron Dewey an Indigenous Social Media & Film Specialist and owner of an Indigenous Social Network and where all my media is hosted.

      What We do: create, design, and build social networking websites, film-making, documentaries, short film, and online media.

      We have a crowd funding campaign going if you can support we have stickers and buttons to show our appreciation.”

    • Social Media & Video Specialist
      Indigenizing Media through Indigenious Eyes
    • Equipment: Panasonic HVX200
      MacBook Pro, 17′ iMac, Final Cut Pro 7
      Photoshop CS5
      Cannon Ti2 and Ti3
    • “We are raising funds because doing front line media is not without cost, equipment can be expensive, it can and is being targeted. They took our drone claiming to have a warrant when they did not. Let’s raise enough cash to replace it so we can have another pair of eyes back in the sky ASAP. We have also been provided with an RV that we aim to turn into a mobile editing studio, this will help get everyone media out to the public in a efficient and effective manner. Even a couple of bucks helps, we have stickers and buttons to show our appreciation. See our updates on GoFundMe for the form to get us connected.” #StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL Idle No More SF Bay
    • Call (425) 263-2560
    • email:



  • Drone2BWild

    • “Well my Drone Followers & fans, I know you have all been asking for quite some time. Here is my very first GoFundMe Account. well as you can see and also feel the power of my work through the beautiful flights over Oceti Sakowin Camp to flying threw a hail of gun fire when battling lawless corrupted North Dakota law officials. This is one of many stories he shares through Dr0ne2bwild Photography & Video. Known around camp as “DRONE WARRIOR” He stands and flies for justice and the Indigenous way of life. A drone enviromental activist who exposes from the sky. He is changing the way we experience movements such as this historical gathering of so many nations that come here to help him protect his homeland and waters from corporate greed.” #waterislife #drone2bwild
    • “My name is Dean and I have been bringing my audience video footage of the No Dakota Access Pipeline movement for the past few months.
      I have expenses to cover such as replacement parts for my drone. I am in need of winter gear to stay warm so that I can continue to bring you the epic footage that you all love!
      If I can raise funds I can keep going over the harsh winter months in this cold and blustery North Dakota.
      I love all of my fans and followers. I thank you all for watching and sharing what the world needs to see and thats the truth. Helping me  as I continue down this path of pushing drone technlogy to its limits.
      I know that you all love my videos, they have been shared around the world.DronesB2Wild


  • Veterans Stand For Standing Rock

      “We are asking that all donations for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock now go via SquareCash on our handle $VeteranStand. SquareCash allows for instant access to funds and isn’t charging us the fees or the banking delays of GoFundMe. The movement is THIS WEEKEND, and we need cash on hand to accomplish the mission. Please help us Stand In Solidarity with the Standing Rock tribes, Thank You For All Your Support!”$VeteranStand
    • “2K EVENT CAPACITY ACHIEVED: Event capacity based on accommodations, travel logistics and supplies; given the time we have to coordinate, resources available and the special shipping and weather conditions in the regions has been set at 2,000 rostered participants. We currently have over 2,100 Veterans on the roster. We will be collecting names for future missions you’d like to contribute to this mission please consider donating/sharing to our GoFundMe all funding is dedicated to transportation, supplies, gear, onsite infrastructure and legal fees. Our team is made up exclusively of volunteer Veteran and Civillian self organizers dedicated to our mission of service. Zero salaries, Zero marketing

      Come to Standing Rock Indian Reservation and hold the line with Wes Clark jr, Michael Wood jr, Tulsi Gabbard and hundreds of other veterans in support of the Sioux nation against the DAPL pipeline. Bring Body armor, gas masks, earplugs AND shooting mufflers (we may be facing a sound cannon) but no drugs, alcohol or weapons. Updated OP Order 11/27 will be pinned to the top post of this page.

      IMPORTANT REMINDER: This event (and this event page) will not tolerate hate, violence or divisive behavior of any kind. We’re doing this to support our country so lets do it with honor, working together. We can stop this savage injustice being committed right here at home. If not us, who? If not now, when?”



  • Dallas Goldtooth And Indigenous Environmental Network

    • Keep It In The Ground Campaign Organizer at Indigenous Environmental Network
    • Call (218) 751-4967
    • “Mission
      In 1991, near the sacred Bear Butte in South Dakota, near 500 Native people came together at the outdoor 2nd Annual IEN Protecting Mother Earth gathering. At this gathering, this Unifying Principle and the Environmental Code of Ethics were written.
      Mission Statement
      The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas have lived for over 500 years in confrontation with an immigrant society that holds an opposing world view. As a result we are now facing an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of all natural life.

      In 1991, near the sacred Bear Butte in South Dakota, near 500 Native people came together at the outdoor 2nd Annual IEN Protecting Mother Earth gathering. At this gathering, this Unifying Principle and the Environmental Code of Ethics were written.
      Unifying Principles

      The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas have lived for over 500 years in confrontation with an immigrant society that holds an opposing world view. As a result we are now facing an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of all natural life.

      We believe in unified action, sharing of information, and working together with mutual respect. We recognize we must assert our sovereignty and jurisdictional rights through the application of our traditional laws and recognizing our traditional forms of leadership of our indigenous nations. We stand on principles of empowering and supporting each other to take direct, informed action and affect our ability to protect our lands from contamination and exploitation. By attempting to fulfill our responsibility to defend our mother earth we are assuring the survival of our unborn generations.

      The members of IEN are unified in our recognition that the traditional teachings, lifestyles, spirituality, cultures and leadership of our people as well as the survival of our future generations, are entirely dependent upon our respectful relationship with the natural world and our responsibility to the sacred principles given to us by the creator.

      “SNAP-SHOT” of environmental and economic justice issues in indigenous lands (US-CANADA)

      1. Toxic contaminants, agricultural pesticides and other industrial chemicals that disproportionately impact Indigenous peoples, especially subsistence and livestock cultures.
      2. Inadequate governmental environment and health standards and regulations.
      3. Clean up of contaminated lands from mining, military, and other industry activities.
      4. Toxic incinerators and landfills on and near Indigenous lands.
      5. Inadequate solid and hazardous waste and wastewater management capacity of Indigenous communities and tribes.
      6. Unsustainable mining and oil development on and near Indigenous lands.
      7. National energy policies at the expense of the rights of Indigenous peoples.
      8. Climate change and global warming.
      9. Coal mining and coal-fired power plants resulting in mercury contamination, water depletion, destruction of sacred sites and environmental degradation.
      10. Uranium mining developments and struggles to obtain victim compensation to Indigenous uranium miners, millers, processors and Downwinders of past nuclear testing experiments.
      11. Nuclear waste dumping in Indigenous lands.
      12. Deforestation.
      13. Water rights, water quantity and privatization of water.
      14. Economic globalization putting stress on Indigenous peoples and local ecosystems.
      15. Border justice, trade agreements and transboundary waste and contamination along the US/Mexico/Canada borders and other Indigenous lands worldwide.
      16. Failure of the US government to fulfill its mandated responsibility to provide funding to tribes and Alaska villages to develop and implement environmental protection infrastructures.
      17. Backlash from US state governments giving in to the lobbying pressures of industry and corporations against the right of tribes to implement their own water and air quality standards.
      18. Protection of sacred, historical and cultural significant areas.
      19. Biological diversity and endangered species.
      20. Genetically modified organisms impacting the environment, traditional plants and seeds and intellectual rights of Indigenous peoples – bio-colonialism.
      21. Economic blackmail and lack of sustainable economic and community development resources.
      22. Just transition of workers and communities impacted by industry on and near Indigenous lands.
      23. Urban sprawl and growth on and near Indigenous lands.
      24. Failure of colonial governments and their programs to adequately consult with or address environmental protection, natural resource conservation, environmental health, and sacred/historical site issues affecting traditional Indigenous lands and its Indigenous peoples.
      25. De-colonization and symptoms of internalized oppression/racism/tribalism.
      26. And many others ..”


  • The Daily Haze


  • Waterkeeper Alliance

    • “Waterkeeper Alliance strengthens and grows a global network of grassroots leaders protecting everyone’s right to clean water.”
    • “Our story started in 1966 when commercial and recreational fishermen, many of them veterans, united to save their river and formed the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association. These fishermen recognized that outspoken, citizen-led advocacy was the only way to ensure that laws were enforced and their river, livelihood and the health of their families were protected. They took on many of the nation’s biggest industrial polluters and won.In 1983, they hired the first full-time Hudson Riverkeeper to patrol the river, to restore its abundant fisheries and to lead citizen-based enforcement of environmental laws. Since those early days, Hudson Riverkeeper has brought hundreds of polluters to justice and forced them to spend hundreds of millions of dollars restoring the Hudson to health. Their success spurred an explosive growth of similar grassroots programs across the globe, and in 1999 Waterkeeper Alliance was founded to support these programs.

      Today, Waterkeeper Alliance is the world’s fastest growing environmental movement, with over 240 Waterkeeper Organizations protecting rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on six continents. Our proudest accomplishment is the depth and breadth of our member organizations and the unity of their vision for clean water and strong communities.

      Our Support team has helped many prospective Waterkeeper organizations through the proposal process and has networked with a number of grassroots water advocacy groups both domestically and internationally.”



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