Current Painting- ‘Apache Girl, Oak Flat’

A multimedia piece I painted in 2015 with heavy acrylic mediums, sand, opaque flakes, metal bells, turquoise, beads, bone, glitter, and mirrors.

‘Apache Girl, Oak Flat’ imaginatively conjoins both the physically feminine qualities, and spiritually masculine traits in the wings and wing decoration representing male dancers at a young girl’s puberty rites ceremony.

Her silhouette was captured using my body as shadow, and her face was sculpted based off a young Apache girl. The chalky white used on her face and hands is the representation of the ash used to cover the body in ceremony.

The wings were captured using swipes of my hand and fingers on the canvas, and the dots are my finger tips.

In her hair are cascading bone feathers that have been attached to the canvas.
It appears that her hands are reaching to the black star-like spheres in the nighttime sky, in prayer to the Creator.

I originally created ‘Apache Girl, Oak Flat’ for the Protect Oak Flat cause, which ended up losing steam with the public. Protect Oak Flat has now become Save Oak Flat since the foreign mining company, Rio Tinto, has started draining the local water source.

My only hope is that Save Oak Flat can garner some steam from the current Water  Is Life movement.